24-hour monitoring

  • We’re here for you anytime you call – night or day. Our 24-hour monitoring service gives you peace of mind. Contact us now to find out about our free six-month incentive program.

  • How Secure Are You?

  • Your security is your safety.

  • You need to know where your vulnerabilities are and how to protect yourself.

  • Contact us and our experts do a free evaluation and determine what level of security you require.

    Cell Phone Back Up

    Cell phone back up technology is a quantum leap in controlling and monitoring your safety. Besides being a back up to your land-line, you can get and check times of entry, events and activity from your smart phone.

    Don’t Panic!

    If you, or someone you love is alone and vulnerable, that is a cause for real concern. Replace your worries with a safe and dependable solution - our complete line of panic buttons, including the new Lifesentry series

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